Welcome to the Town of Pleasant Valley website.

Our town hall is located at 1630 30th Ave, Hammond, WI 54015.  Please note we do not collect mail at this address.


Resources for Western Wisconsin Biogas & Nutrient Recovery Project

UW Extension Biogas Presentation Invitation


TOWN CLEAN UP DAYS – May 18, 9 AM – 1 PM & September 21, 9 AM – 1 PM

MONTHLY MEETINGS  Our monthly meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at the town hall at 7:30 PM, with the exception of our annual meeting, which is always the third Tuesday of April.

PROPERTY TAXES  Property tax bills are mailed in late December. First half payment is due January 31 to the Town Treasurer. Second half payment is due July 31 to the St. Croix County Treasurer, Hudson, WI.

GARBAGE SERVICES  The township does not contract for garbage services as a township, but providers such as Murtha’s Sanitation and Waste Management offer curbside pickup.  The town contracts with Waste Management for recycling pick-up at the town hall. Residents are free to use the large, green recycling dumpsters at the town hall.  Please do not drop off your garbage at the dumpsters. Waste Management will not pick this up.  The township does host bi-annual Clean up Days, where residents are welcome to dispose of unwanted items (please no yard waste or garbage).  Appliances, tires, computer equipment are welcome for a small fee.

ANIMAL CONTROL/LICENSING  All dogs in St. Croix County must have a rabies vaccination and must have a dog license as required under Wisconsin Statutes.  All dogs 5 months or older require a license that can be obtained from the Town Treasurer with proof of rabies vaccination.

BURNING PERMITS   Town residents are to call the St. Croix County non-emergency Fire Dispatch at       to inform them that they are going to be burning.  The resident will be required to leave a phone number so they can be reached in case someone calls in the fire.  Please note, the resident is responsible if your fire gets out of control and becomes liable for all expenses incurred in putting the fire out.  Residents may want to contact the insurance company to ensure you have adequate coverage.